Monday, July 27, 2009

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Left work, went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Bought two Elegant Rooster coffee mugs at 40% off. Went to church. Went home. Unloaded car (newspaper, lunchbag, cooler box containing one remaining can of diet cola), grabbed weedwhacker, whacked weeds until charge ran out. (Yes, at 9:00 on a Sunday morning.)

Played with cats and kittens. Puttered around for a few hours. Ate pork chops. Crashed while watching The State on DVD and talking on the phone with a friend and slept for a few more hours. Got up. Used hedge trimmer on hedges that have undergone explosive growth in past two weeks. Puttered around for a few more hours. Paid a major bill, one of the reasons for all this overtime. Went to sleep watching Director's Cut of Watchmen on DVD. Was disappointed by added scenes so far: they deviated from the book and broke the pacing of the movie, which in that particular sequence closely matched the pacing of the book.

Took care of cats and kittens. Plan to mow my mom's lawn, possibly my lawn. May meet a friend for lunch or dinner today or tomorrow. May also go shopping at Sam's Club.

Finish up lawns. Take mom grocery shopping.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the death of a girl whose life I accidentally became aware of a few months ago. I plan to pick up a copy of the Allentown Morning Call tomorrow to see if anyone has posted any memorials.

A post that I wrote about this girl months ago will appear tomorrow. It's still true, it's still valid. The inexplicably powerful feelings I experienced months ago have dimmed by several orders of magniture, but there's still something there. And she's still dead.

I believe my cats have just disconnected the DSL line. I need to fix that before I can post this.

(No...maybe not. Connection just reconnected by itself. Could it be as Michelle said, the heat causing phone lines to expand and interfering with signals?)

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