Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Other people have also died

Following the recent orgy of celebrity deaths, particularly the death of Michael Jackson, other deaths of less-well-known individuals have not gotten as much coverage as they might have otherwise.

Robert McNamara died on Monday, July 6. He is a significant figure in recent American history for, among other things, the role he played in the Vietnam War. He was the subject - or, at least, the sole interviewee - of the 2003 documentary The Fog of War. More information can be heard here:

NPR: Robert McNamara, Vietnam War Architect, Is Dead
Robert McNamara On Doubts, And Vietnam : NPR

John Keel died on Friday, July 3. He was an author and researcher of Fortean phenomena, most notably the Mothman sightings in West Virginia in 1966 and 1967. I remember him from appearances on the talk show circuit (and at least one game show - either "What's My Line?" or "To Tell the Truth") in the early 1970's promoting his book, The Mothman Prophecies. This was made into a movie in 2002, and a fictionalized character based on John Keel was played by Richard Gere!

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has extensive information about John Keel's death on his blog, Cryptomundo:

Cryptomundo » John A. Keel Has Died
Cryptomundo » C2C: Keel Tribute
Cryptomundo » Vallée & Keel
Cryptomundo » Keel Ends Life Rather Alone
Cryptomundo » “John Keel was our Michael Jackson.” (with links to the mainstream media articles that are finally starting to appear)

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