Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Missions accomplished

I achieved my goals yesterday. I left for work extra-early, got gas, and went to Best Buy. At Best Buy I was slightly frustrated by a) the huge fellow in the dressy clothes who was talking on a cell phone and shifting his weight back and forth from one foot to the other while he stood in front of the entire Watchmen display, making it impossible for anyone else to pick through the different versions of the movie (theatrical full-screen, theatrical wide-screen, two-disc director's cut, two-disc director's cut in a package shaped like Rorschach's head, two-disc director's cut in a package shaped like Dr. Manhattan's head, Blu-Ray, etc.) to find the one they wanted. Fortunately, the movies were also filed in the new release section and in the "W" section of the other DVDs. Unfortunately, I could not find Tales of the Black Freighter - offered for only $5 more with the purchase of the two-disc director's cut - anywhere, and the vaguely attractive store clerk I approached with the words "Can you help me?" (shouldn't that be the other way around, Retail America?) had not the faintest idea where to look. (Retail America: shouldn't your clerks be prepared to sell the biggest release of the week each week, and fully prepared to deal with anything offered in the weekly ad?) Eventually I found it on my own, in the bottom row of the Watchmen display out front, only about eighteen inches off the ground. I missed it the first time around because looking for it would have involved placing my face next to the huge guy's ass as he rocked back and forth, back and forth, talking on his cell phone.

I also found Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, but that was pretty straightforward.

Made it to work with plenty of time to spare. I worked alongside several other people who were there on overtime. I don't know which is worse: working a fifth day after your regular four, when you are exhausted and everyone else is fresh (as I did on Saturday), or working a day ahead of your scheduled four on everybody else's last day (as I did yesterday.) Either way, you run into a bunch of people who just don't feel like working, which is somewhat frustrating.

I put some of that overtime money to good use this morning. I purchased a few pieces of art from Whimsical Brain Artwork, which closes today. You should definitely check it out while you still have the chance!

Meanwhile, the days are ticking away to a sad anniversary next Tuesday. I have not forgotten. But I will need to remember to pick up a copy of the Allentown Morning Call that day.


dee said...

Thanks for the heads up on WB's store. Now I'll finally have note cards for all those notes a socially responsible person should write!

Ashley said...

I still haven't gotten around to by the Watchmen. I need to do that soon.
The visual images of the huge guy blocking the display made me laugh. Thanks for that!