Thursday, July 09, 2009

So much for the wwekend

(UPDATE, 3:05 PM: I now see that I typoed the post title. It should say "So much for the weekend". But I was tired, and spell check doesn't work on the title.)

Friday morning I have a dental appointment scheduled for 8:45 and a vet's visit for Gretchen and Rachel scheduled for 3:00. Saturday I was planning to go to a birthday pool party to play responsible adult. (Hah! Neither.) Sunday and Monday were a bit nebulous, but I have lawns that need mowing, weeds that need whacking, and even a few more tomato plants that need planting.

Monday I was thinking of trying to set up the one month follow-up visits for Thor and BlueBear. But I decided that Monday would be the best day to work overtime. I put in for it, but there's none available. Just for Friday and Saturday.

I got mandated for overtime for Saturday.

It's not guaranteed, though lately more and more people are finding themselves working overtime on days they thought would be cancelled. I'll know for sure by 8:00 Saturday morning. But for now, it looks like the pool party is off. If it happens, it will also screw up the rest of my Saturday and most of my Sunday. Tuesday night it's back to work for me.

Time to head to bed. Too bad someone just started working on the road in front of our house with a jackhammer. We'll see if I get any sleep.

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