Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gretchen and Rachel (not in that order)

I decided to get photos of Gretchen and Rachel this evening. Unfortunately, Gretchen ran and hid in an inaccessible corner of the back porch. So I took some pictures of Rachel on her own, then put her in the oversized pet taxi that is their temporary home until we could retrieve Gretchen. (Galaxy Grabber to the rescue again!)

(And before you ask: "Gretchen" and "Rachel" are both words that sound like "Gray." Gretchen is more gray, while Rachel appears to be kissed by a "ray" of light. See, these names came with built-in mnemonics!)

Rachel. She has a more predominant cream color to her grayness.

And then we have Gretchen. She is overall a bit grayer. Also somewhat more feisty than her sister.

My mom holding Gretchen.

Unfortunately, these two will need to be isolated from the other cats at least until next Friday. After their checkup, I may relocate all five kittens to my house across town. This will mean I will need to start paying daily visits to the house!


supertiff said...

you are becoming a crazy old cat man. and i mean that in a good way.

D.B. Echo said...

So now we can add "Eaten by cats" to the list of likely ways I will die. (These include "Hit by bread truck" and "Head explodes in rage against a machine.")