Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thirdday blues, again

Well, I'm tired. The third day always starts to get to me. Plus, I'm steeling myself for the possibility - the hope - that I will be working a fifth day. If that fifth day is like these first three, I don't know that I will survive it.

I have two sets of kittens I need to play with before I go to bed. I need to play with them in a specific order - Bowie, Thor, and BlueBear first, and then the two new gray kittens (who I have tentatively named Rachel and Gretchen.) This is in case the new kittens, who are isolated in an oversized cat carrier on the back porch, are carrying something contagious. I'm planning on taking the two new kittens to the vet on Friday at the same time as Bowie. Two cat carriers and three kittens - this should be fun.

Tonight is garbage night. I should haul some out before I go to bed.

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Betz said...

DB...I love that you still talk about garbage night. It is so endearing?