Monday, July 27, 2009

Moon, Clouds, and Church over Nanticoke, July 27, 2009

I mowed my mom's yard today during the midday hours. When I finished I grabbed some pruners and a fifteen-year-old rusty pruning saw and cut down a seven foot tall tree-thing that has been growing in-between a Butterfly Bush and a Burning Bush in a small corner garden for the last few years. I have no idea what it is - well, was - but it never flowered or fruited, and it was growing at a pace that suggested it would take over the yard in a few years. It's gone now, just cut-up pieces in two recycling containers out at the curb.

A young evergreen about ten feet tall got the same treatment. This one had the bad grace to root itself just a few feet from the foundation walls of my mom's house. Can't have thirsty roots take the house apart in their quest for water. It will take a few more sessions to get the whole thing down, but it's currently about half the height it was earlier today.

After all that I grabbed some dinner and spent some time online. I realized that it was too late in the day for me to shower and go out to on the retail adventures I had planned. So as I was already tired and dirty, I decided to go across town and mow my lawn.

I was two-thirds of the way through when I noticed the Moon hanging in the evening twilight over St. Mary's church, while the clouds in the West reflected the colors of the recently-set sun. I didn't have my camera with me, but I did have the camera on my phone. Here are the images I took:

The first three images were taken at 8:19 PM . The last was taken at 8:25 PM. I took my pictures and hurried to finish the lawn while I still had light.

Just another beautiful evening here in Nanticoke!
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Marilyn Terrell said...

really nice progression of evening. Thanks for taking to time to capture it and share it.

hedera said...

The camera on MY cell phone doesn't take photos anything LIKE that good! Jealous...