Thursday, July 02, 2009

No overtime

No overtime tonight. Going to sleep soon.

I have an appointment for Gretchen and Rachel scheduled for 10:00 AM next Friday. That will be the morning of my first day off. I need to come up with a strategy that will allow me to be wide awake to safely get these two to and from the vet. I think Cracker Barrel may be involved.

UPDATE: Blaaah. I realized after I wrote that that I also had a dental checkup scheduled for 8:45 AM next Friday. I seriously doubt I would be in and out by 9:30, which is when I would need to leave the house to be sure of making my way through traffic to my 10:00 appointment at the vet's. (It takes me forty minutes to get to work, 33.3 miles away, but it can take thirty minutes to travel half that distance.) So I just rescheduled Gretchen and Rachel's appontment for 3:00 Friday afternoon.

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