Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two popular search strings

I've been getting a lot of hits for two search strings lately, both of which I find disturbing, but for different reasons.

One is "firefox keeps crashing". This is unfortunate. I liked Firefox, but its increasingly frequent crashes forced me to abandon it. My gut feeling is that it has memory management issues that may require a substantial supply of available RAM, and maybe even lots of free hard drive space - neither of which I currently possess.

The other is "how to build a fire". What the hell is up with that? I wrote that piece as a sort of joke about the massive complexity involved with using a coal fireplace in Ireland. But if people need to look for instructions on how to make a basic wood fire...well, I'm kinda scared. (FYI: Use thin, dry, long-dead tinder arranged in a teepee to maximize airflow and thereby maximize the temperature of the base fire. Once you've got that going, you can feed the fire with pretty much anything combustible. I've even tossed an empty wine bottle into the center of the burning teepee and watched it melt. That's hot.)


rimalicious said...

Tee hee. That's hot.

Gareth said...

I keep getting people looking for the Steve Irwin death video to my site. Just because I mentioned Steve a couple of times, and have a few unrelated video links on my Another Chance To See site, I start getting this unwanted long-tail traffic. An ugly side to SEO to be sure.