Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Major house progress

Today after work I installed some Magnetic Poetry on my refrigerator.

I was going to buy some for my new house when I was looking at the boxes of it I've had at work for many years. I turned one of the boxes over and looked at the price tag: $18.95. So I decided to leave what I have on our work refrigerator in place, and take the rest home. (I can always swap out words for variety.) Note: the best way to get Magnetic Poetry is to buy the Magnetic Poetry calendar the day after Christmas, when it will be half-price - it comes with a starter set. You can also make your own words using the Times New Roman font in the appropriate size (you'll have to work out the point size yourself*) and magnetic sheets or magnetic tape. (Be sure to leave plenty of space between words** and between lines***.)

You can also, I suppose, make Magnetic Ransom Notes by cutting words out of newspapers and magazines and attaching them to magnetic backing. Hmm...I wonder if that's patentable...

I have also purchased LED Christmas lights (will I even be moved in by then?) and the 2007 edition of the Old Farmer's Almanac. Still need to put up my Autumn / Halloween decorations - I'll do that this weekend.

* No, you don't. Times New Roman 20 point looks right, though some of my words from another set look slightly smaller.
**At least four spaces. Type up your text as normal, then do a global replacement of a single space with four spaces.
***1.5-spaced looks right. Double-spaced seems too far apart.


anne said...

Good for you on progress. You know, it's the little things - like magnetic poetry - that make a house a home.

I LOVE to decorate for fall and Halloween. Unfortunately, I rarely get any further than just buying some pumpkins. Sometimes mums too.

Anonymous said...

Confession: I have the dirty version of Magnetic Poetry on my fridge!


betz said...

Mr. H. K. you naughty boy....
Harold, i love that you did the magnets spells YOU! :)