Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How Don Sherwood plans to observe September 11

A question came up in a sidebar discussion at the Felberpalooza: how should September 11 be observed?

For some it's a day of rah-rah patriotism, celebrating the triumph of democracy over terrorism and the capture of the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Saddam Hussein.* For others it's a day of quiet and somber reflection upon the lives that were lost on that day, and the freedoms that were lost in the days that followed. For others it's a day of angrily remembering the first 234 days of the Bush administration, when dealing the threat of terrorism ranked right up there on the President's priority list with the need to find alternative energy sources and the need to brush up on French existentialism.

For Congressman Don Sherwood, it's a day to run a political fundraiser.

Yes, as Gort at Gort42 reports, Don Sherwood, the man who burst onto the national stage by throttling a mistress he was supposed to be sensually massaging, intends to spend September 11th building up his campaign chest.

If it were just Sherwood, this could be written off as a crass misjudgment: either he is being ignorant of the day and insensitive to those who find fundraising on such a day disrespectful, or he is trying to capitalize on the feelings that day engenders by converting angry patriots into generous donors. But it's not just him. As the website DownWithTyranny! reports, this is part of a coordinated series of September 11 political fundraisers masterminded by that smug, evil, soulless, sphincter-faced Turd Blossom, Bush's brain and bestest buddy, Karl Rove. Is it any surprise?

Karl Rove, you inhuman piece of filth, may you someday get what's coming to you. And may your fellow travellers like Sherwood be right there alongside you, sharing in your eternal reward.

Get angry. Do something about it.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, September 6, Don Sherwood has backed away from the September 11 fundraiser. Far away. In a typical bit of Repugnicant retconning, it turns out he was never even really involved with setting the date of the September 11 fundraiser. According to Sherwood spokesweasel Jake O'Donnell, "The Congressman has an aggressive fundraiser who okayed it originally. The event will be rescheduled for a future date." So, see? It wasn't Sherwood. It was somebody else's fault. Not Don Sherwood's fault at all.

I bet this makes Sherwood so mad he could just strangle somebody.

*This is not true. I know that. You know that. Do they know that?

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