Friday, September 01, 2006

Ernesto and Adam

Ernesto is here. Ragged outer clouds covered the sky as I left work today. Rain is coming down now, light and sporadic. It's expected to get heavier later tonight. Heavy enough to flood? I don't know. We'll see in the morning.

During the June Flood of '06 five weeks ago I learned the value of using towels as dams, something I did in the April '05 Flood, too. This time I think I'll pull out another weapon: puppy training pads, which we've been buying ever since my cats started spraying all over the house in response to major household disruptions starting in July and August of 2005 (my father going into the hospital, my mother going into the hospital, my father going into the nursing home, my mother going to Florida, my father dying...) Hopefully I won't need to use them.

Adam will only be at the Felberpalooza tomorrow. If I miss him, the other Felbernauts will still be there, but I'd really like to meet him. If this storm passes to the west, the worst will miss us. Of course, it will then hit the Felberpalooza head on...we'll see in the morning.

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