Friday, September 29, 2006

I bought some lamps

Yay. I just spent something like $179 in Target. It would have been nearly $200, but I signed up for a Target credit card and saved 10%.

I bought this lamp - a mission-style torchiere with a "gold-washed antiqued bronze"-finished base. It was $39.99.
So of course, I had to get the matching table lamp at $29.99.

(Images from
And I got a fire safe (on sale!) and another chrome kitchen cart (also on sale!) My kitchen will have a lot of chrome in it.

Oh, and some stuff happened in the world today, but I'm too tired to talk about it right now.


Domestic Zookeeper said...

What kind of fire safe did you get? What's it's rating? And on a side note, you do know that fire safes are not waterproof, right? So if you have a fire, and the firemen come and hose down your house, everything in the safe may not have burned, but it will be soaked!

(The curse of being a former employee to a safe company, and the daughter of a locksmith.)

D.B. Echo said...'s a Sentry, a smallish black thing that opens with a key. And it has the word "Waterproof" right on the label, though I know that doesn't necessarily mean what I think it means. It was the model that was on sale. It probably won't be my only line of defense. For now, it will be a place to keep house documents that I don't want to misplace.