Monday, September 25, 2006

Revelry, Rattan, and Randy Monks

As promised, more photos from this weekend's mini Medieval Festival.

We were all garbed in period costumes of one sort or another, though only two of us were properly trained and armored for use of weapons. Rather than calling them "The Red Knight" and "The Purple Knight", we shall use more memorable names. This is Sir Elmo of Sesame...

...and this is Sir TinkyWinky of Tellytubbyland.

Here we see two of our non-combatant monks, Brother Inebrius and Brother Flatulus.

And what would a swordfight be without exciting background music? Here it is provided by our resident Bard on a silver flute.

The battle was so fast and vicious the warriors became blurs of motion, even in my camera's Sports mode. Note the swing set in the background.

Crusaders training to battle Islamofascists? No, just a fun weekend in the Poconos. Hopefully we'll do it all again next year!


anne said...

That bard looks suspiciously like Ian Anderson. Were you able to get an autograph?

It looks like a fun day indeed. You wouldn't, by chance, happento be a member of the SCA, would you?

marc said...

too many Monty Python and Looney Tunes lines come to mind.

D.B. Echo said...

Hmmm...I don't know how my friend will take the Ian Anderson comparison. Maybe she'll be flattered!

No, I'm not in the SCA, but I'm fairly certain that the two guys in armor, as well as the Bard, misspent some of their youth in that organization, though I'm not sure if any of them are still even minimally active.

After the shield fighting, and the Florentine two-handed fighting (I assumed "Florentine" would involve spinach, but I was assured that only non-lethal weapons were allowed), and longsword battles, I suggested a close-quarters rubber chicken fight. Next time I'll have to bring some.

anne said...

I used to work with a guy that belonged to SCA. He was a tall fellow with long blonde hair that I would kill for. He really did look like a knight.

My apologies to your friend. I have a monitor that is behaving badly and while I can usually make out text with no problem, images are a bit snowy and have a slight jiggle. I suppose I should just break down and ship it in for repair since it is still under warrenty...ugh.