Friday, September 22, 2006

Big day (off)

Today I took a day off from work so I could take my mom to a clinic for an outpatient procedure. But that wasn't the only thing I did:

- Dropped my mom off at the clinic for her procedure.
- Picked up a case of Woodchuck Cider at the beer distributor across the street from the clinic.
- Ran out to Sam's Club to try to drop off the disc of my mom's digital photos for processing. Unfortunately, their photo processor is down, and won't be up for several days. This threw off my entire schedule for the rest of the day.
- Went back to Nanticoke and got a haircut.
- Went up to my new house to check the mail. Talked with the neighbors for a long time.
- Ran my mom's car back to Sam's Club to get the tires rotated.
- Shopped at Sam's Club while the tires were rotated. Did not pick up processed prints, contrary to my plans for the day.
- Picked up car with rotated tires.
- Went to pick up mom, a half-hour later than planned.
- Waited to get her for a half-hour, since they were running an hour behind schedule.
- We both stopped and grabbed something to eat at McDonald's. (We traditionally get a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel after these procedures, but we didn't have the time today.)
- Stopped at house to pick up kitten for vet's appointment.
- Took kitten to vet's for preliminary tests. Turns out she's a girl, and has intestinal parasites. We named her Babusz, and will need to keep her isolated for another two weeks.
- Came home. Chatted online briefly.
- Ran out to supermarket for bread, cat food, and kitten milk. Also bought soda, water, ice cream, yogurt drinks, a pre-cooked chicken, and (at another store) the 2007 Old Farmer's Almanac.
- Came home again.
- Ate.
- Mowed the lawn.

Which brings us to here.

Now I have to finish my laundry (I've also been doing laundry all day), take a shower, pack a bag, and head out 70 miles to a friend's house for a mini-Renaissance Faire, where I will be Brother Inebrius, monk of the Order of Dipsomania. (My friend will also be dressing as a monk. Brother Afflatus?)

Have a good weekend! I'll try to get pictures!

UPDATE: My mom's still feeling woozy after the procedure and has asked me to stick around overnight. So I'll be leaving for my friend's place in the morning.


Gort said...

You're a good son. All the best to your Mom.

Anonymous said...

Such a good boy!

No, really...

And a good kitten man, too!

betz said...

i hope that the beautiful Miss Eleanor is feeling better.

You shall make a fiesty Monk.
No stories about how the costume came to be? Or did I miss that one?

Super G said...


Thats about as close to a married man's weekend as a single guy without kids can get. (I'm married and I spent 2 1/2 hours coaching and refereeing 1st/2nd grade girls in soccer this weekend, then took my wife and two girls to the mall for 3 hours - so I'm qualified to know).

Lets hear about some hot dates and such.