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Monday, July 20, 2009

Humans set foot on the Moon for the first time forty years ago today

...and I am wrapped up in the mundane details of everyday life. So I will direct you instead to past posts and posts by other people.

Here is my post from this day last year, which also didn't have much to say:
Another Monkey: Apollo 11 lands on the Moon: July 20, 1969

That post points to a previous post about the meaning behind Tasmin Archer's song "Sleeping Satellite":
Another Monkey: Songs about surprising things: Tasmin Archer, "Sleeping Satellite"

Here is the link to NASA's digitally restored footage of the landing:
NASA - NASA High Definition Video: Partially Restored Apollo 11 Video

Here are some posts from my blogfriends. I'll add more as they appear:

webster107: 40 Years Ago Today
Where's The Bubbler?: July 20, 1969
What Apollo means to me Bad Astronomy Discover Magazine
Apollo astronauts speak! Bad Astronomy Discover Magazine
The Lu Lac Political Letter: The LuLac Edition #882, July 20th, 2009
Nite Sky Girl: Exploring the Moon, Discovering Earth
Lunar Landing Anniversary Deanna Hoak

Francesco Marciuliano's online comic Medium Large is brilliant as always, and SFW at least this once:
Monday. July 20, 2009 « Medium Large takes on the "Moon Hoax" wackos, including those who mistake a spoof of a "faked" lunar landing for actual proof that the whole thing was a hoax: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Footage Out-Take

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