Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm tempted to let these images stand without explanation, which is how I originally published them. But I want to give at least a little description to each image or group of images.

These first three shots are of the Royal Highness rosebush that I started at least ten years ago as a cheap little plant purchased at a now-defunct home improvement store, and planted (that is, "put in the ground" as opposed to "kept in a huge pot that I put in the shed during the winter") with my nephew back in 2001. This bush us now gigantic, with the first flush of roses appearing at the end of May. I honestly didn't expect these much before next week, but here we are. Keep in mind that there was a frost on the morning of Wednesday, May 20.

These next two shots are of an offspring rosebush - grown from a branch of the original that I clipped through partway, treated with root stimulating hormones, and planted in dirt while still attached to the main plant. This bush is only a few years old, perhaps since 2005.

And yes, that is dead grass all around it - grass clippings, as a matter of fact, which serve as a weed-suppressing, moisture-retaining mulch.

This is another offspring rosebush. Note how the offspring are as generously covered with roses as the parent.

Royal Highness isn't the only rose in bloom The Blaze bush on the south side of my mom's house already has some blossoms.

This bush and the two flanking the driveway are the last known descendants of a rosebush planted by my grandfather, ordered from Jackson & Perkins some fifty years ago. The originals died long ago, as did other daughter plants at cousins' houses. Someday I will create an offspring of one of our three Blaze bushes and reestablish it at my grandparents' old house - now my house.

Irises. Not quite done as of today, but almost.

Two of little Bowie's siblings huddle in the shade of the overturned garden cart that has served as their shelter since they were born. These kittens are about 25% larger than Bowie.

Bowie makes herself comfortable at my house across town yesterday. This is where she lounged while I mowed the lawn. I was so wiped out at the end of the day - I had mowed the lawns at both houses, and had run the string trimmer until the battery was dead - that I decided to spend the night there. I let Bowie sleep with me in my bed. She spent most of the night bouncing around the room, occasionally curling up on top of me to sleep for minutes at a time. Several times she curled up on the side of my head. At one point she leaped over me several times and then landed sprawled across my neck - and promptly fell asleep. I had to move her slightly because her heart was beating right in my ear, at what seemed like three hundred beats per minute. (Today during her checkup it was 136 beats per minute. She got a clean bill of health, and is now allowed to play with the other cats.)

It's not all Roses and Irises out in the garden. Strawberries are also in season, with the first fruits ripening and plenty more on the way.

Another palindromic milestone: My car hit 303,303 "official" miles today.

The sun looked a bit odd last Sunday, May 17. Interesting ray effect.

Finally, an illustration for Truck On Fire from last Thursday. This photo was taken from at least a mile before the actual fire. The smoke was visible from well over ten or fifteen miles away.

Back to work tomorrow...I think! Time to put little Bowie to bed and spiral in myself. Good night!

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dizzy blond said...

I want a rose. Those are beautiful.....Only thing I can grow is rosemary and lavender. All my flowers die when they see me coming. I have an orange thumb!