Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yet another reason why you should not let your children hang out with me

The scene: a cookout at a friend's house this past Sunday. His older son has been showing off his collection of swords to me. He is quite proud of his weapons.

Him: And I'm gonna get a crossbow, and then we'll do that thing like in Hamlet, where the father has to shoot the apple off his son's head.

Me: Hamlet?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Was that before or after the father's ghost told his son that he had been murdered by his brother who stole his throne and his wife, and he wanted his son to avenge him?

Him: So that wasn't Hamlet where the father had to shoot the apple off his son's head?

Me: No! Geez, don't you kids read Shakespeare in school anymore?

Him: Yeah, but nobody pays attention!

Me: Hamlet!


Me: That was Macbeth.

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