Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Primary Election Day

I go back to work today, but first days on I always have more awake time before work. If Primary Election Day had fallen any other working day, it would really have presented a problem.

The kitten is curled against me, sleeping. I don't know if it's better having her by herself right now, or whether having other kittens from the same litter would provide her with companionship, as my mom argues. (Until she gets checked out by a vet, she can't interact with our other cats, who right now respond to her with a mixture of curiosity, apprehension, and fear.)

I've also had a few other distractions putting claims on my time. Good distractions, though!

This kitten wants to use the computer, so I guess I need to get off soon.

My tomato plants are rocketing along. The second set, grown with the aid of a 23 Watt fluorescent bulb in a desk lamp, are almost as big as the first set, which were planted nearly two weeks earlier. But I hope I didn't just lose my sunflowers to frost! Well, I always have more seeds.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know it was primary day until this morning. Since I have no idea who is running for what, I'll skip this one.

hedera said...

You had one too, eh? Can't have been as spectacular as our debacle in California, where the electorate essentially gave the governator and the Lege a huge finger.

dizzy blond said...

Distrations?? I have had a few also. I am still trying to catch up on work.

dizzy blond said...

I have had a few also the last couple of days.

I am now trying to catch up with work and house work. My problem is I keep daydreaming!