Monday, May 25, 2009

Whoops, missed one

For the first time (I think) in over a year, I missed a daily post. I have no excuse. My excuse is I was distracted by some stuff today, and also inhaled too much secondhand cigarette smoke, which clouded my mind. And the kitten. The kitten.

Working on two Brilliant Ideas right now. One I've kicked around for a few years: record the stories and rants of the guy whose house I was over today and post them to YouTube. I figure we'd get several million hits, easy. I proposed an 80/20 split (in my favor) of all the advertising revenue with him. He said he was expecting something more along the lines of 90/10.

The other...well, it's an idea that's crystallizing that makes sense when I review the last quarter-century of my life. A special skill I have that is actually in demand - maybe more in demand during tough times. And it doesn't necessarily involve anything illegal, unethical, or immoral, though the last one would be available upon request. W'll see where this goes.

Well, the kitten has just emerged from her hiding spot and is trying to help me type. So I gess it's time to put her in her crib and head to bed. Maybe I'll make things up by writing another post later today!

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