Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, I went to Home Depot on my way home from work today. I wandered around the lawnmower area for a while, past all the huge gas-hogs that are on sale, but I couldn't find the reel mowers. Finally, on my third pass, I spotted some nondescript boxes sitting on the floor, hidden from view by the latest in riding lawnmowers. Now, normally I have a rule that says if you're not gonna try to sell me something, I'm not going to buy it from you. But I wanted this lawnmower, and I didn't want to wander around looking for it somewhere else. So I bought it, then and there.

It's a beautiful day today, the best expected for the next four days. Perfect for mowing the lawn after a brief nap. But I won't be doing that because I've been mandated for an overtime shift tonight! Five consecutive nights of fun. At least it pays well.

I've fallen asleep at least three times while writing this. I need to go to bed, now.

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hedera said...

This shift is gonna kill you, guy - you're going to try to do something you shouldn't while you're too sleepy to realize it. Be careful!