Sunday, July 25, 2010

Come to Wilkes-Barre, home of the famous Giant Cow!

I was flipping through the Sunday supplement PARADE magazine today while getting ready for work and I came across a map on page 5. This is item five - "Visit an American Original" - on their list of "15 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer." I scanned the map for points of interest close to me and noticed one directly over Northeastern Pennsylvania. This was #37 - "Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - Giant Cow."

Three-O-Nina made the list!

Another Monkey: Three-O-Nina

If you are in or passing through Northeastern Pennsylvania, it is worth driving East along Business Route 309 off the Blackman Street exit (exit 165) on Interstate 81, about a quarter of a mile past Kmart. This is one of the few survivors of the cows made by the FAST fiberglass sculpture company in the 1950's and 1960's. At Christmastime, you may get to see the giant cow (nicknamed "Three-O-Nina" because of her location on route 309) enlisted into the culture wars by the local Knights of Columbus!

For more information, see and .

Roadside America - Wilkes Barre, PA - Giant Cow

P.S. - Don't climb on the cow. You might damage it, and you will be arrested and/or fined heavily.


Betz said...

love tis cow...more so since you and i have spoken of it!

Jessica Jacobs said...

We know this monster cow quite well.. we pass it one our way to Wegmans! Haha