Friday, July 23, 2010

Mallard Fillmore (corrected)

There's a crappy right-wing comic out there called "Mallard Fillmore." As with most things right-wing, it shows a distinct detachment from reality. In the original of the corrected comic above, the secret words were "racist" and "hater" - because, see, whenever anyone uses the word "racist", they're really just trying to squelch a debate that they're losing, and all those lefties are tossing out the word "hater" these days like hash brownies at the Doo Dah Parade. At least in Bruce Tinsley's world.*

My corrected version is actually well out of date: the "Right" has been branding their opponents as "SOCIALISTS!" for quite some time now, and have never stopped using "Liberal" as an epithet, even though it has faded in power as people have come to realize it means "not like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Bruce Tinsley."

Anyone interested in seeing the original (from Sunday, July 18, 2010) might be able to find it here, at least for a little while. Other than replacing the words "racist" with "liberal" and "hater" with "socialist", I also changed the tie color from Cowardly Liberal Pale Yellow to Red State Red, and the suit from Pale Shades of Gray to Reagan Brown. If I had the time and the patience, I would have changed the hairstyle from Balding Liberal (And Possibly JEWISH) College Professor to Fabulously Styled Neocon/Theocon. But really, Tinsley's crap doesn't deserve that much effort.

*I was going to say "Bruce Tinsley's alcohol-clouded vision", but that's an ad hominem attack, and I'd never stoop to that.

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