Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rest and motion

I slept extra-long today. It's our first rotation back to a "normal" 4x4 schedule of four days on, four days off, plus overtime, minus layoffs. I got quite a bit of sleep yesterday before work (something like eleven hours), and today I turned in almost as soon as I got home and scored another six hours or so.

The upshot of this is that I have had very little time to do anything else today. I watered my tomatoes - the temperature finally dropped a few degrees, though Nanticoke never received the downpours we had in other areas. But now I have to leave early to drop off a card at a graduation party on my way to work.

So, to amuse you, here's a neat little video posted at Phil Plait*'s Bad Astronomy. There is a series of books out that demonstrate this sort of animation. Read the comments on his site for links to more information about how this is done.

*As readers of Avengers 2 #4 (part of Marvel's "Ultimate" line) know, Phil Plait's name appears in Ultimate Black Widow's address book, though the absence of any red dots next to it means that Ultimate Nick Fury - think Samuel L. Jackson with an eyepatch - has not had sexual relations with him. This news probably came as a relief to Phil.

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