Thursday, July 08, 2010

Over and over

My five-day vacation is over. Tomorrow I resume a regular four-days-on, four-days-off schedule - which can be complicated by overtime, lack-of-work layoffs, and the fact that the first wave of permanent layoffs is scheduled for August. (I'm scheduled to be permanently laid off in the second wave in December.)

Unfortunately, I accomplished precious little on these days off. I suppose I could enumerate all the mundane little tasks I've accomplished here and there, but I feel like I've done very little, and far less than I had planned. I blame the heat: a stretch of days over ninety degrees (that's temperatures in the 30's, for you furriners) has the same enervating effect as the loss of sunlight intensity in the wintertime. And, damn, it's been hot.*

So, naturally, as I am heading back to work, the weather is supposed to finally break, with temperatures sliding back into something more tolerable for living beings.

...hmmm. The weather is supposed to break with mighty thunderstorms, and I currently have the windows in my car rolled down more than a crack, and I should stay in bed late tomorrow as I make the transition from daywalking to night shift. Maybe I should roll those windows up before I turn in for the evening.

BONUS: This song caught my ear on Tuesday, and it's been getting played in heavy rotation on the best alternative station in the area, Marywood University's VMFM 91.7. The band is The National, and the song is "Bloodbuzz Ohio."

*It's been so hot that the grass in the yard has gone dormant, so I was able to get away without mowing this week. Unfortunately, it's been so hot that I'm starting to worry that my tomatoes will be stunted.

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