Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Damn, I used to be able to write

I bought dental floss today. Fifty-five yards for eighty-eight cents. Dental floss, it seems to me, is a product subject to massive price inflation and massive size deflation. I knew I'd written about this in the past, so I did a search of Another Monkey for "dental floss." What I found surprised me in two ways:

1. The price of dental floss is the same as it was over two years ago.

2. Damn, I used to be able to write.

I don't know if observation #2 is actually true. I mean, maybe what I was writing twenty-five months ago was crap, as crappy as what I'm writing now. But I've always been plagued by this tendency to envy the quality of my writing in the past. I'm sure in June 2008 I was looking back at stuff I had written in 2006 or 2005 and thinking "Wow, I used to be able to write."

Judge for yourself, if you have the time. Stroll through the archives of yesteryear's posts and see if you don't agree.

When you are done, you may enjoy these images of crepuscular rays, taken at about 8:24 tonight:

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