Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three days down

I've had a pretty good three days off. I slept too late on Tuesday and missed some opportunities to do things.Yesterday...what the hell did I do yesterday? Some Facebook stuff. Hauled out the garbage early. Made a trip to the comic book store and didn't find anything - though I realized after the fact that I might be able to replace my long-lost issues of Plop!, DC's horror/comedy series from the 1970's, without spending too much money. Met with a friend and her daughters for a while.

Today started out badly. Went to the dentist, which as usual was no big deal. Stopped at the post office to buy stamps and the supermarket to buy groceries. While I was in the supermarket, got a call from my mom that one of the cats had run out of the house. Checked out quickly and got home as fast as I could. I searched around the outside of the house two or three times before I located him by the bell on his collar - he was hiding under a tarp covering one of our "cat shelters" located under a Rhododendron.

While looking for him I made a disturbing discovery: two dead kittens in another of the cat shelters. One of the most recent crop of strays had been pregnant, something I first noticed a few weeks ago when we began trying to catch the strays for spaying and neutering. About two weeks ago I stopped seeing the pregnant cat around. About a week ago I thought I heard a kitten crying somewhere in our yard, but I was not able to locate the source of the sound, which quickly stopped. We never heard any more crying after that.

I don't know how or why these kittens died. They were lying together, and did not appear to have been dead more than a day or so. I did not find any sign of their mother or any other kittens, living or dead. I dug a hole next to our other cat graves and buried them as gently as I could.

Later this afternoon I met with my friend and her daughters again, after which I attended a meeting with the other representatives of the Nanticoke Democratic Committee, which was actually quite interesting and highly informative. Then I made some very excellent long-distance phone calls to friends old and new.

I found out last night that my old mentor may be my future nemesis. This could get interesting.

Tomorrow - Friday, July 16 - I may or may not be working overtime. If I'm not, I will be attending this.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of comics, I spent 20 hours in a van with a huge comic book fan. Since the trip ended, I downloaded more than 1500 comic books. Fascinating hobby.

D.B. Echo said...

Glad you like it. But downloading comics doesn't do anything much to keep the industry afloat or support comic book stores. I realized that even with a 25 cent markup, an issue of Plop! with a cover price of 20 cents is still very affordable. I was seriously considering buying the entire run of "ROM: Spaceknight" yesterday. Rather than being a cheesy comic book based on a crappy toy, this series turned out to be intelligent and well written, with a plot that would be echoed in 2008's "Secret Invasion". The genius behind the comic, Bill Mantlo, has a life story well worth reading.