Saturday, April 18, 2009

YouTube weekend: Heavy and Cortez

Half of Blue Sundaze was also two-fifths of 3 Brix Shy. Both bands are primarily cover bands, though 3 Brix Shy did have one original song that they would play from time to time. I know a recording exists of that song, somewhere.

One of my favorite covers of theirs was one that they only played two or three times. It was Collective Soul's "Heavy", a guitar-intense, techno-flavored song. Here is a live performance by Collective Soul:

Blue Sundaze has taken to ending their shows with Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer." Their performance completely blows away any version I have heard by Neil Young. Maybe that's just the power of live music! Here is audio of Neil Young playing this song (which clocks in at 8:30), accompanied by a fan-made slideshow. Better to just catch Blue Sundaze whenever they play live again and hear it for yourself!

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