Friday, April 24, 2009

Items checked off (and added to) the list, Friday, April 24

Things accomplished:

- With my brother (and my brother's truck), hauled eight (or was it ten?) bags of partially-rotted leaves to my house to use in gardens.
- Hauled U-bar digger and mattock over to house across town. (Good Lord, I've spent a lot of money on gardening tools.)
- Mowed lawn at my mom's house. Included two stops to disassemble and repair lawnmower. At least now I know what is wrong with the mower, why the reel kept slipping and why the right wheel wasn't driving the reel at all. (It involves stripped plastic gears.) My fix using duct tape held longer than my fix using aluminum foil, but I should see about getting replacement parts.
- Washed three loads of laundry (two bedding, one towels) and hung on line to dry.
- Moved a load of concrete pavers and cinder blocks.
- Made first contact with the litter of feral kittens sheltering under my wheelbarrow. The black one with blue eyes seems particularly fierce.
- Mulched the hell out of the largest and most productive blueberry bush, using one bag of leaves and all of today's grass clippings. The bush now looks like a tree growing out of a volcano.
- Got a sunburn.

Things added to list:

- Put bird netting on cherry trees well before Mother's Day.

I also need to buy more clothesline, but that can wait.

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