Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last-minute Easter

I came home this morning by way of the local supermarket. Turns out my sister's favorite flavor of Easter Egg is cherry, one that I didn't make. So I'll make some tomorrow morning after church. I needed more powdered sugar and more chocolate chips, so I stopped at the store. I also picked up some almonds. I didn't make a lot of coconut Easter Eggs, but those that I made taste a lot like Mounds bars (thanks to toning down the sweetness by adding salt - yes, salt. Deal with it.) I'll make more coconut, but after coating them with chocolate, I'll top each one with a roasted almond. Almond Joys. Damn, I'm good.

Blessing of the baskets is today. I have always assumed this was a Catholic custom, but apparently it's a Polish Catholic custom - a German Catholic friend had never heard of it. We didn't actually dye any eggs before today, so it looked like there wouldn't be any to get blessed. Except I also boiled and dyed eggs since I came home from my stop at the supermarket. A dozen various pastel shades, done by sliding the still-hot hard boiled eggs into coffee cups containing cold water, a splash of vinegar, and a few drops of food coloring. Now that that's taken care of, somebody else needs to actually get the basket blessed. I'll be asleep.

One last night of work, then five days off. I'd better get those seeds started during these days off, or I won't be having any tomatoes this year!

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dee said...

A few slices of ham, some kielbasa, some horseradish (homemade, of course)a couple hard boiled eggs and a butter lamb (baranek)--that's what went in our basket to church. And when the priest came out and everyone pulled back the foil covering their baskets, the church was filled with a most delicious aroma. Wesolego alleluja, my friend!