Friday, April 17, 2009

Blue Sundaze at King's College Chapel, 4/16/09

Blue Sundaze played at King's College again last night. This was the first time I had seen them play since their performance there last year. In fact, it was the first time I had seen any of them since their performance there last year.

That kinda shocked us a bit. I've been in touch with Rose through Facebook for the last few months. I exchanged e-mails with Derrick (the drummer) last December after learning of the death of our friend and fellow Physics major Sheena. It just didn't seem like a year had passed. In past years I wouldn't go more than a few months without seeing them perform.

There was a good crowd in the little room in the King's College chapel. This was a good thing, but also meant that there was little room for me to move around in to get photos. So my images were from a less favorable angle than last year. Still, I was able to get some good shots of three-quarters of the band. Above: Rose, Derrick, and Ray.

John the bass player was on the far side of the stage and only dimly lit, so it was not possible to capture him as well as the other three - especially with my camera set to Sports mode, which is the only way I know to capture images in low-light situations without a flash without getting the blur that results from the shutter staying open for a long time. (Rose would argue that this was not a "low-light situation," since she had a bright light shining directly on her, but my camera insisted on treating it as such.) Here I have pushed the brightness and contrast to bring John out of the shadows.

The crowd, lit by candlelight and the light coming from the stage. This shot was taken in the conventional ISO mode, again without a flash. People continued to show up throughout the night, until the only seats not being occupied were the ones holding equipment bags in the front corner.
I was also able to videotape the event, thanks to a friend's VHS camcorder that I borrowed years ago and never returned. (Hey, I had to make sure it still works before I give it back to him...eventually.) The videotape will now be converted to DVD, and perhaps clips will find their way online! Maybe?

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