Thursday, April 16, 2009

More accomplishments

Well, I finished mowing the lawn, which I started yesterday. Pruned the butterfly bushes - that was yesterday, too. I also removed the rose hips from the branches of my Royal Highness rosebush and its two babies. This is something I should have done over the Winter, but I only got to it now. I also did it with an electric hedge trimmer, one of those things that looks like a sawfish's nose. This was probably an unforgivable act that would get me thrown out of any rosarian society, if I were actually a member. But when you're dealing with a rosebush that bears roses by the hundreds (here's what it looked like three years ago - it's grown a bit since then!), cutting off each hip individually by hand becomes tedious to the point of impossibility.

I also did some weeding. Not quite finished - the daffodils are still blooming, and that makes it hard to get to the weeds. I'll have to touch things up during my stretch of days off at the end of the month.

I also tried to undo some damage I might have inadvertently done to the memory of a girl who died nearly nine months before I ever knew she was alive. Rest in peace, child.

This has been a strange stretch of days off. If I can use my skills to find out about the life and death of someone almost completely random, why do I have such a frustrating time when I try to apply these skills to finding information on a friend's long-lost father? I know what some of the answers to that question might be. Still, I'll keep trying, in my spare time.

Tonight is the hairdresser's wake - I thought it was yesterday. Tonight I am also going to see a friend's band play at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, a repeat of a performance from last year. We'll see how things go. I need to remember to set my camera to Sports mode right off the bat!

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