Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obama infomercial

John McCain disparagingly referred to Barack Obama's half-hour ad buy tonight as an "infomercial," but that's actually a pretty decent assessment of it. Well, the first 27 minutes of it, anyway.

Then for three minutes we got to hear Obama speak live before a cheering audience in Florida - three minutes of pure hope, and optimism, and inspiration.

And then the rebuttal thirty-second ad from the McCain camp, amounting to little more than a sneer.

(Available for the moment in a non-embeddable version on the splash page of .)

The contrasts couldn't be any starker.

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Anonymous said...

McCain's commercial was a sneer, and I doubt it went over well. Remember Jane Galt's law: The party in power is smug and arrogant; the party out of power is insane.

Bill @ BN