Thursday, October 30, 2008

How much do the Repugs love America?

Courtesy of Adam Felber, here's a video by Rob Paravonian called "I Love America So Much."

(It's a satire, just so you know.)

(Edited to add:)

And also just so you know, I do not consider all Republicans to be "Repugnicants." Though the Theocon / Neocon crowd, the end-always-justifies-the-means gang, and the Limbaugh / O'Reilly / Savage / Hannity / Coulter dittoheads all very likely fall under the Repug category. But there is still a core of good-hearted, well-intentioned people who consider themselves Republicans who may find they have more in common with good-hearted, well-intentioned people of other political persuasions than with the extremists in their own party...and vice-versa. More on that, and the upcoming fracturing of the Republican party, in a future post.

Now, do you love America enough to cast a vote next Tuesday, to play a part in determining this nation's future?


Gort said...

Rob is great. I love his Pachelbel Rant. I just might post it again for YouTube Weekend

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, DB:

You mentioned turning down the hate. Let's do something that might be helpful and enlightening for both sides. Let's each write a short essay, say 700 words or so, and publish them both on both blogs. The topic is "Five reasons to support the ... Party." But you do Republicans and I'll do Democrats.

You don't have to write a party-line essays -- just reason five reasons to support one party. Make it a good-faith effort to understand the other's point of view. Deal?

Bill # Bill's Notes

D.B. Echo said...

Bill, I have something similar to that planned as part of a larger essay, but right now I can't do it until after the election. I've got two pre-programmed posts and two quick weekend posts that I've already got planned for the next four days, and I'm already way behind schedule today on doing the things I'm going to blog about.

Plus, our illustrious President just gave me something else to blog about - something that calls back to a post I just wrote about. But that can wait for another week or so.

Anonymous said...

ok, actually, i've got an editorial deadline I need to deal with, so it's easier to wait until after the election.