Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anne Pressly has died

From the New York Times:

TV Anchor in Arkansas Dies of Beating Wounds
Published: October 26, 2008

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A local television anchorwoman found savagely beaten in her home last week died of her wounds on Saturday night.

The death of the anchor, Anne Pressly, was announced by her parents through St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center. On Friday, it had been reported that Ms. Pressly was somewhat improved, although still in critical condition and unable to communicate verbally. Her doctors had described themselves as “guardedly optimistic” that she would recover.

“It was our hope, as was yours, that Anne would overcome the injuries inflicted upon her in the brutal attack at her home,” her parents, Patricia and George G. Cannady, said Saturday in the hospital’s news release. “We were with her in her last moments, and although our hearts are broken, we are at the same time comforted by our faith knowing that Anne is now with our heavenly father.”

Ms. Pressly, 26, was discovered by her mother, who went to her daughter’s home in the prosperous Pulaski Heights neighborhood when Ms. Pressly failed to answer a routine wakeup call. Ms. Pressly appeared on the “Daybreak” program on KATV, the ABC television affiliate here.

Mrs. Cannady had been visiting Little Rock from her home in Pawleys Island, S.C., when the attack occurred.

The police said Ms. Pressly sustained trauma to her face, head and neck during what they believe was a robbery in her home. Detectives have said they have no evidence that Ms. Pressly had been singled out or stalked. A credit card belonging to Ms. Pressly was used at a service station several miles from her residence shortly after Mrs. Cannady discovered her daughter, the police said.

Ms. Pressly was a native of Greenville, S.C., and a political science graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis. She had been employed by the station since 2004 after serving several technical and editorial internships there.

Ms. Pressly appears in an uncredited role in the Oliver Stone film “W,” based on the presidency of George W. Bush. Mr. Stone awarded her a 30-second part when he reportedly noticed her physical resemblance to the conservative commentator Ann Coulter when Ms. Pressly visited the set of the film, in nearby Shreveport, La., to prepare a feature story on the production.

It is difficult to fight the impulse to jump to the conclusion that the brutal attack on Anne Pressly was a hate crime directed against a woman who had the audacity not only to be a member of what McCain-Palin has relentlessly demonized as the "liberal media elite" but to have portrayed Right-Wing commentator Ann Coulter in a cameo role in Oliver Stone's "W". But the investigation continues, and nothing is known for certain yet.

Please turn down the hate. We have seen time and time again how hate turns to violence. When you continuously demonize and dehumanize those who oppose you, especially when this is done by persons of national prominence with a wide and eagerly receptive audience, it becomes too easy for mentally ill individuals to hear this as a call to action. If it turns out that this was in fact the motive that led to this crime, its guilt will be shared by many people.

Turn down the hate.

UPDATE, 11/27/08:
Arkansas man charged in anchorwoman's slaying

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A man has been charged with capital murder in the beating death of a popular television anchorwoman, police said on Thursday.

Officers arrested Curtis Lavelle Vance, 28, at a home in Little Rock on Wednesday night — tipped to his location after police held a late-evening news conference to reveal him as their suspect. "We went there and he's in custody," said Lt. Terry Hastings, a police spokesman.


Michelle D said...

This case is very similar to the disappearance Jodi Huisentruit, which happened in the 90s. Check out this link:

I'm a bit of an unsolved mysteries nerd.

Anonymous said...

Why not investigate the last eight years of hate spewage and demonization of the GOP and our president from your own side? You yourself asked for Karl Rove's head on a platter, you may recall.

Bill @ BN

Anonymous said...

This was clearly a sexually motivated rape/homicide. For anyone--liberal or conservative--to connect it to a 25-second, uncredited, bit-part appearance in a movie is absurd and ignorant. And yet another sign of the truly pathological paranoia of people who relate everything, everywhere, at all times to partisan politics.
I am a woman living in Little Rock, and details about the attack are gradually leaking out. My fear, personally, is that this type of perpetrator will do it again, and that we'll have a serial killer on our hands. Her attack was reminiscent of Derrick Todd Lee in Baton Rouge and Ted Bundy. Not your typical robbery-rape scenario.

D.B. Echo said...

Wow, Bill, you guys really do live in topsy-turvy world, don't you? A plea to turn down the hate is met with "Waaaaah, you guys are just as bad as us?" Sit down and catalogue the sewage that has flowed from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and other prominent authors from the Conservative Book Club. Once you've gotten around to that beam sticking out of your side's collective eye, we'll work on this mote in ours. In the meantime, I'll repeat: please turn down the hate.

Anonymous Little Rock, that information is not getting out to the national media yet, at least not as of this morning when I sat down and wrote this. The most I had heard was bits about a woman having used one of Pressly's credit cards some time after the attack. Whoever did this, I hope they are brought to justice soon.

Anonymous said...

ann coulter would do anything to be noticed. including imitating a woman.

D.B. Echo said...

Anonymous Little Rock, I'm still not finding anything online that suggests that this was "clearly a sexually motivated rape/homicide." Every report I'm seeing says there was no evidence of sexual assault. Do you have any information to the contrary?

Little Rock Anonymous said...

Er....yeah, a bit.
I am not aware of any reports stating that there was no sexual assault. The official reports I've seen have not addressed it. Those kind of details are frequently withheld, and in this case the LRPD has been really tight-lipped.

The "word on the ground" that I'm basing my opinon on is coming directly from separate sources inside the police department and from the hospital (like I said, everyone knows everyone around here--it's nuts). People in a position to know.

The "clearly" part was my opinion, and not from an official report. Maybe I should rewrite my original sentence: "Based on the nature of the attack, the location of the attack, unofficial reports coming from personnel directly involved in the case, it appears that this was a sexually motivated rape/homicide." What it does NOT appear to be is a politically motivated attack, or a simple purse snatching.

What is so ominous is the fact of where it happened--the HEIGHTS? Not a place for a snatch-and-grab robbery. A very, very safe and affluent neighborhood with houses close together on small lots, almost all with security is so unlikely that she was not specifically targeted (unlike, say, a mugging in the River Market downtown). It would have HAD to be intentional and scoped out. And the level of extreme.

Incidentally, I read and heard her card was used at the Shell station at 9th St. and I-30 (by a man), just minutes after the attack. That's one of the shadiest areas in Little Rock. KATV, where she worked, is right downtown, blocks from that gas station (and from where I work as well--I pass KATV every day on my way to work).

Lee said...

Hey, "Anonymous" keep your mouth shut. We (people in AR) have heard of the "details" the nation has not, yet - you must not have been born in AR, you'd know the "keep your opinions to yourself" clause - but we ALL need to let the police do their job - without giving the perpetrator any clues as to what the police know. It'll come out soon enough.
Anne Pressly was an awesome person and deserves to have justice

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last sentence--hopefully the animals will be caught.

As for the rest...born and raised in Arkansas, and I've never heard of your little clause. No one can express opinions? Whatever, assclown.

This stuff is all over Little Rock, and the killers have no doubt heard it all too. If they run, it certainly won't be because they read the comments section of this blog and figured out that people have heard she was raped. Fool.

Anonymous said...

Anne Pressly was sexually assaulted by two black males and both her genital area and face were severly cut by a knife. This is the news bantered about all over Little Rock. This is a pure hate crime and just as the Christian/Newsom murder details were stifled in Knoxville so to are these details being stifled. Black on White hate crime need to be punished just as severely as white on black hate crimes. The politcal correctness needs to end as it is important for any young lady living by where anne pressly was savaged and murdered, to know exactly what to be on guard against.

D.B. Echo said...

And how is it that you know so much about what the word on the streets is in Little Rock, Arkansas when your IP address is coming up in Buford, Georgia?

D.B. Echo said...

...and following up on your stsements online, I'm only seeing this information from white supremacist sites, and then repeated from site to site.

Interesting how these sites claim that the determination that se was raped by black males came from DNA evidence left at the scene, since DNA evidence can't be used to determine race.

Anonymous said...

Actually DNA can be used to determine race

DNAPrint genomics, Inc. has applied the most recent advancements in human genomic technology for the deciphering of an individual's race. We are proud to introduce to the forensic community DNA WITNESS 2.0, a genetic test for the deduction of the heritable component of race, called Biogeographical Ancestry (BGA). This test is the first of its kind, resulting from three (3) years of genomic research, and is the beginning of a revolution in criminal investigations. This test provides not only the majority population affiliation (i.e. Indo European, Sub-Saharan African, East Asian or Native American), but the admixture, as well (i.e. 82% East Asian and 18% Indo-European mix).

This new test provides important Forensic Anthropological information relevant for a wide variety of investigative situations. When biological evidence is gathered, an investigative team can use DNA WITNESS 2.0 to construct a partial physical profile from the DNA and in many cases learn details about the donor's appearance, essentially permitting a partial reconstruction of their driver's license photo. How many times have you wished an unknown suspect left his driver's license at the scene - even if the unique identifiers were smudge

Now with that said I really don't care if the perpetrators were green, but anyone who thinks this woman was savagely attacked just for her purse is fooling themselves. My opinion is the community should be properly warned of exactly what it is facing. For if the rumors are true, the people and especially the women of Little Rock are in danger. My prayers are with her family and for the community. By the way I have friend in many areas other than GA, including Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

It was clearly the work of multiple Niggers. Figure it out. Why the media black out on the race? If she was raped -- they know the race and how many. Plus, local cops have said as much, and the description of the scene is horrendous.

These Niggers are a violent and spoiled race. Everybody knows it.
Come by my blog for the details -- if you got any spine left.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Yeah. For the record, the last few "Anonymous" comments were not last post ended with the word "fool." I should call myself "Anonymous Little Rock non-KKK Woman", I guess. Not down with the white supremacist shit. Good Lord.

D.B. Echo said...

Well, that's good to know. From your previous comments, I never thought that you were.

I was gonna delete that 12:43 comment, but I've decided to let it stay. We won't make shit like that go away by just whitewashing over it. So: anybody who thinks racism was some red herring Democrats were getting ready to blame if they lost the election, there you go.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't you worry DB Echo, White racism is alive and well and growing by leaps and bounds.

We're sick and tired of the GD Niggers and Jews. Look at Obamanation putting in Rahm Emanuel and now Eric Holder (who pardoned Jew mega-embezzler and Global Zionist Marc Rich). Look at the rape of our economy.

Obama is nothing but media installed puppet for this country as they turn it into another South Africa.

Now they are calling Obama another Lincoln.

What a sorry joke you White liberal race traitors are. You're the real enemy and we sure as hell won't forget.

Got that?

D.B. Echo said...

Loud and clear, racist.

Anonymous said...

Sure is funny how Black Racism manages to escape brainiacs like yourself, them voting 95 to 1 for Obama, etc.

Look at South Africa, for crissakes.

Or utter horror like Black Hate crimes on White people that's swept under the rug by the liberal media and White fools.

I now have solid word that Anne Pressly was gang-raped by 3 or more Negroes, who then violently slashed her face, beat her with punches and kicks, finally stabbing her in the vagina.

My blog is going over the top with Whites waking up and getting real angry, justifiably.

We'll be coming like Santa Anna firestorm to clean this country once and for all.

Spineless liberals like yourself, will suddenly have to reinvent themselves, or hide in the closets.

Anonymous said...

One Negro busted, at least one more to go...


1)They knew the race of the perp almost from day-one and the media kept it quiet 2 weeks from the Obamanation "election."
2)They popped him 45 minutes from "a tip" generated from a news conference. Right.
3)The story has been barely covered by the MSN. It's over with as far as they are concerned.
4)If it was a White guy it would have been non-stop from the very first.
5)Whites in the US are being snowed to keep them from getting sick of the diversity crap.
6)White liberals have their heads firmly stuck in the sand.

Read my blog post on the whole thing here:

Anonymous said...

LOL...Yes by all means folks please read Incog Man's blog on his pathetic site. You will get a good belly laugh at all of the shine swilling, inbred, hayseeds who come from beneath their rocks to post. This guy is a cowardly idiot and a hate monger..nothing more.

D.B. Echo said...

I'm closing the comments on this post. I don't really feel like sending any more traffic to some racist's website, but I think that deleting the comments he's left here would just be whitewashing over the problem.

A lot of people think racism doesn't exist, that it's just a boogeyman Democrats pulled out of the closet to explain an inevitable Obama loss. When Obama won, some starry-eyed folks began to speak of a "post-racial" society.

They're both wrong. Racism exists, and it's as ugly as ever. Racists exist, and they come from every race. Hatred and fear of "The Other" is ancient and universal, and is probably hard-wired into our brains on the most primitive level. It's something that takes a conscious effort of intellect, of morality, of consciensce - an exercise of humanity to rise above.

Anne Pressly is dead. The public facts of this crime indicate that it was an act of intense savagery, an attempt to erase a person's humanity through brutal violence, a hate crime of the first order. Police have made an arrest. Let us all hope and pray that they built a solid case, did a thorough investigation, and got the right guy.

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