Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Updater Jones

I have updated a few of my spinoff blogs and side projects.

Beyond the Needle got its first update since the July 14 Grand Opening. If you are a quilter, or know someone who is a quilter, check out the blog - and the store!

A Monkey in the Garden got a reprint of "Polyphemus Moth caterpillar", complete with this morning's update. Compare the 39-year-old me going eye-to-eye with the caterpillar to the four-year-old me reaching out to the Monarch butterfly, as seen in the photo on the sidebar (taken from this post).

A Blog of Nanticoke has a post about this weekend's Cabbage Roll 2007. If you're anywhere in the vicinity of Nanticoke this weekend, come on out to the Cabbage Roll!

I'm still neglecting NEPA Blogs. Maybe I'll round off the day with a blog hunt, looking for NEPA bloggers we haven't found yet.

UPDATE: No new blogs for NEPA Blogs, but I did find some sites I don't think we've linked to before. And then I remembered I haven't updated Unknown Failure in a while.

Title reference: "The Emperor Jones", a play by Eugene O'Neill, later made into a movie.

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