Saturday, July 14, 2007

Things to do today

There is a city-wide yard sale going on today throughout Nanticoke. Go to this entry on A Blog of Nanticoke for more details. I won't be selling anything, but I may be hanging out at my cousin's house. Or mowing my lawn.

Attention quilters and other crafters: If you're anywhere in the area of Kirkwood, New York, just south of Binghamton and just north of the Pennsylvania-New York border, Beyond the Needle is having its GRAND OPENING SALE today from 9:00 - 3:00. Stop in and tell them I sent you!

Also, I've got another spin-off blog in the works. The first one, Unknown Failure, isn't working out the way I hoped it would; apparently AdSense boycotts ads on sites (or posts) that talk about computer problems, so I'm not getting a huge revenue stream from computer-specific ads. A Monkey in the Garden reprints my favorite gardening and nature posts, and already has generated some garden-specific ads after just two posts, one of them an introduction. Check it out! I'm hoping that some readers will find the concentration of posts on specific topics useful, and maybe some people who arrive at that blog first will find their way back to here!

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