Monday, July 02, 2007

Libby Walks

Is anyone surprised?

Gosh, I sure hope you kids had fun building your case against my sidekick's sidekick. You sure put a lot of effort into it. Now watch as I tear it all to pieces slowly before your eyes, because I can. And you can't touch me. Remember that.

Paris Hilton did more time in jail for her crimes than Scooter Libby will for his. Apparently "Obstruction of Justice" isn't really considered a crime by this Administration.

If you voted for this bastard in 2004, hang your head in shame. Again.

UPDATE: Tony Hendra, himself no saint, has a slightly less charitable take on all this over at the Huffington Post:
War Criminal Commutes Sentence of Convicted Perjurer at Behest of Traitor.

The apparent general lack of outrage over this is, I think, symptomatic of just how bad things have gotten under the Administration of George W. Bush. It isn't that people aren't outraged; it's that they expected this from day 1. Just another inevitable outcome of the tragic failure that took place on November 2, 2004.


Gort said...

The Law & Order Party strikes again.

tiffany said...

the main thing i heard about this at the bar tonight went along the lines of: 'so what? every president pardons people who don't deserve it.'
personally, i call bullshit. there's a difference between someone who doesn't deserve to be pardonned, and this case, where bush is basically spitting on the american people AGAIN.
but there's no need to go into anymore detail about that, as the only logical response to the reaction i heard at the bar is as simple as this: 'ok, so when are we going to put an end to that? and, more specifically, next time there's a democrat in office, will you be as flippant when he pardons people? or will you be screaming your head off about the injustice?'

the 'you' here is obviously not actually you, you know.

joy said...

Libby, Cheney, Bush...this whole lot should be HUNG for TREASON. When will Congress get the balls to IMPEACH BUSH??? Can you imagine the uproar from Republicans if anything vaguely resembling this scandal had happened during the Clinton administration?

Super G said...

Tiffany - Every President is going to do some of this and it is always bullshit. So those on the Right that try to point at Clinton are offering an excuse for their partisan view of the world.

In my mind, though, this ranks very low on the scale of outrage compared to New Orleans, Abu Ghraib, the deficit, the War in Iraq, invasions of privacy, the Vice President's sellout of the government to special interests, on-the-public-dole Rove not working for us (being liberals of course), more vacation days in a Presidency that every before ....

Well, the list goes on and on, but I don't have too much reaction left for this.

I think we'll need (but not get) truth commissions after Bush leaves office to document our march away from Democracy. Led proudly by the Republican Party with Dick Cheney in the lead and Fox viewers frothing over liberals at Ann Coulters' command.