Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another little problem with my book club

I just visited the QPB site to make sure I don't acutomatically receive this month's selection. However, I quickly discovered a problem at the site. Can you spot it? Solution is in invisible text below - highlight it with your mouse to view.

The two buttons under the cover image are supposed to be marked something like "Send now" and "Don't send". I think "Don't send" is on the bottom, but maybe I'm wrong. Which one should I click?

UPDATE, later the same day: It's fixed now. Heh.


~Deb said...

Ha---might as well go with the publisher's!

Jennifer said...

I didn't cheat - yet - so here are my guesses. I dragged out the calculator and discovered that $88.01 is NOT, in fact, 70% of $125. By rights, you should only be saving $87.50. But, since the error is actually in your favor, is that a problem? I also wondered why the deadline for the July selection is late August. Don't these things usually go the other way - i.e. the deadline for deciding whether to receive the July selection would actually be in late June or maybe early July. Is that how they're ripping people off?

OK. Now I will cheat.