Monday, July 23, 2007

Finished it

Embargo off.

Now, let's see if anyone was tossing out any real spoilers...


Marc said...

I did not read the book. Last week, several days before the book came out, I read one spoiler site which I was told yesterday was 100% accurate on every major plot point.

I have no interest in the books, and only see the movies because I go for free at the IMAX.

Anonymous said...

I read the summary on Wikipedia. Outstanding summary.

Hope you enjoyed the book. You'll like this spoiler here:

Bill @ BN

D.B. Echo said...

Bill, I'm not sure what was there when you saw it - according to the site, there had been some spoilers there that the person who ran the website had decided just weren't very funny. So now it looks like there's just some unfunny juvenile fan-fiction porn, apparently written by someone unfamiliar with the ending of the previous book.

It's hard to look for pre-release spoilers now that the book is already out, but I'm wondering what the ratio of truth to crap is out there. I don't understand the spoiler mentality at all, though.

Marc, the movies do not compare to the books, but once you have seen them it's very hard not to have the movie imagery running through your head instead of what's being described. As someone who has spent almost his entire life as a reader, it's hard to understand what life is like without the experience of reading books.

Rowling actually seemed to be writing the conclusion of the book as a deliberate attempt to break the budget of any future movie version of The Deathly Hallows.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't familiar with fan-fiction porn ... I thought it was funny. Sorry.


Marc said...

I grew up with tons of books. Then I got a tv and I never had to waste time reading again.

D.B. Echo said...

Bill, I guess you're unfamiliar with Rule 34: "If it exists, there is porn of it."

There has probably been fanfiction porn since the first cave pictures were painted on a wall - Og draws a picture of himself throwing a spear at a Mammoth, Ug admires it, copies it, and adds a huge penis to his self-portrait. Mystery and Morality Plays were generally looked upon as pornographic versions of biblical tales - a tradition carried on by Mel Gibson in his sado-porn versions of history and the bible. Unauthorized versions of Shakespeare plays almost certainly did not stick to giving tragedies happy endings. Larry Niven granted a general license to anyone to use the Ringworld as a fictional setting, but quickly withdrew it as Known Space became littered with man-on-Kzin porn. Star Trek, the X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Presidential Daily Briefing - yes, there is porn of it. Harry Potter fanfiction porn has probably been around since a few days after the first book was released.