Monday, July 02, 2007


So far my two most solid job leads are with the military-industrial complex and a multi-level-marketing scheme. The deli job down at the supermarket is looking better and better. At least I'll get to keep my soul.


Don Williams said...

Hey DBE - hang in there. About 7 years ago I was downsized out of a white collar six figure type job and ended up working in a meat locker for a major packing plant. It was the best 90 days I spent ( lost 40 pounds ). I got refocused, and I never looked back. Keep plugging away; it'll happen for you. Good luck.

Kayak Dude

dee said...

Well you never know where the path will lead. A friend of mine who was a victim of the WorldCom debacle (after 15 years with the company)ended up as the bartender at a whorehouse in Nevada. The pay isn't as good, but he says the volleyball games at the company picnics are a lot more fun.

Super G said...

Hang in there!

I graduated with a math degree in 1983 and interviewed for a job simulating missile hits on fighter jets and a job simulating the detection of incoming ICBMs.

I'd opt for the military-industrial complex over the multi-level-marketing scheme (unless it involved girls in bikinis or something).

I hope you find something soon.

There is nothing wrong with working at the supermarket.

PS If you get real desperate, learn SAS and move to NC.