Monday, July 30, 2007

Another view of London

Fellow Felbernaut Hedera recently returned from a trip to London. Reading her traveller's tales reminds me of my own visit there in March of 2006. But they also remind me of how much I didn't get to see and do there. It's really impossible to fully experience London in a single weekend; it would probably take several years, or decades even, to sample everything that it has to offer.

Her stories, put in order as they happened:
Visiting London: Hedera and her husband head out to the ancient city, ride all the rides and see all the shows. Well, not all of them, just the cool ones.
Driving on the Left: An unnerving experience for anyone who is used to driving on the right.
...Leavin' on a Jet Plane: Air travel is always fun. And sometimes your luggage takes a different flight.
Found!: The prodigal luggage is located.

Here are my own London tales:
London, part 1: Kensington Gardens.
London, part 2: Beginning our bus tour of London. The Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, St. Martin-In-The-Fields, a "very strange-looking statue", Nelson's Column, and a first glance of Big Ben.
Trafalgar Square statue: Alison Lapper Pregnant: Discovering the identity of the "very strange-looking statue".
London, part 3: Big Ben and Parliament.
London, part 4: The London Eye, the Dali statues, St. Paul's Cathedral, The Monument, and Tower Bridge.
London, Part 5: The Tower of London, and the bus tour wraps up. Piccadilly Circus at night, and Les Miserables at the Queen's Theater on the West End.
London, Part 6: Our second day in London. Oxford Street, The London Dungeon, and misadventures with buses.
Leaving London
Back from London, and an Ashes update: My third and final post from Ireland.


Jennifer said...

I last got to London in 1999 just for a couple of days. All told, I've probably been to London 4 or 5 times, for maybe a total of a week of 10 days. I have yet to get inside the Tower, but I have been inside Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and the Hard Rock Cafe. I love to just walk around or ride the tube. I miss London. I need to go again sooner rather than later.

hedera said...

How sweet of you to link my travel stories! There are more now, we've gotten as far as Dartmoor, a lovely place. Soon I will move us on to Wales.