Monday, October 31, 2005

Death and The Pirate

And like that, it was over.

My nephews were only able to stay for a few minutes. Death quickly dumped the contents of the Box of Souls - glass and plastic gems as well as candy and money - into his black pumpkin candy container, and then asked if the box was for him, too. The Pirate was happy with the chocolate coins and faceted gems and the string of fake pearls and toy telescope in his Treasure Chest. And I think both boxes accessorize well with their costumes.

One note: for some reason my sister-in-law decided not to use any part of the pirate costume I had assembled, with the exception of an eyepatch my mom had bought. (My brother's family just moved at the beginning of September and were too wrapped up with details of the move to worry about things like Halloween, which is why I volunteered to help my nephews get ready.) Here is a photo taken five weeks ago of my younger nephew with the original pirate hat and sword.

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