Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Leaves of Last Year

The leaves locally have about two weeks to go before peak color. But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of beautiful color out there already. My friends and I were supposed to go on a drive to a place called Marshall's Creek today, but with heavy rains and the threat of flooding, we decided it would be better to stay near our homes in case pumping is needed. Plus, the gray skies and heavy rain don't do much to highlight the colors of the leaves that have turned already. So I decided to pull out this saved draft of a post from last year, which was basically just a set of photos from Nanticoke taken at the end of last October.

Patriots' Square Posted by Hello
(No, I didn't erase portions of the right side of this picture, or airbrush out something I didn't want you to see. That's just some serious lens flare action goin' on.)

Some of the photos have already seen the light of day, like the ones of Sanitary Bakery and Diamond's Candy. (I think I posted the ones of Sanitary Bakery.) These have not.

Intersection in Nanticoke Posted by Hello

Main Street Posted by Hello

There were some other photos that I hadn't included in that draft, photos of the trees in the front yard of my house. Here they are, an oak and a Japanese Red Maple.
(Note the campaign sign on the front yard.)

Red Maples are red the whole year through, but in Autumn their leaves turn crimson.
Finally, here is a Self-Portrait with Rake:
Now that I have a digital camera I can be a little more liberal (so to speak) in the number of photos I take of the leaves this Autumn. Hopefully we'll have nice weather so I can get some good pictures.

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