Saturday, October 22, 2005

Trees in Dallas, PA 10/22/2005

It was a dismal day for peak color, if we even had peak color today. "Peak color" is always difficult to determine, because it depends on four factors: how many trees are still green, how many have changed color but are not vibrant, how many have changed color and are vibrant, and how many have lost their leaves.

The perception of color also depends on the amount of sunlight. Today was a gray and rainy day, so the colors didn't show up very well in these photos. I will probably play with them a bit later to get them to look more like they do on my camera's viewscreen, which closely resembled how they appeared to my eyes.

These pictures were all taken in a little mini-mall between routes 309 and (I believe) 118 in Dallas, PA around 4:45 this afternoon.

I hope to have some better shots soon, before the trees have lost all their leaves!

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