Saturday, October 15, 2005

Project update

Just got back from a birthday party in New Jersey. The colors of the leaves have intensified along Route 115 since our trip last Sunday, but since I was driving I wasn't able to get any photos. The two rest stops along Route 80 where I pulled over specifically to get photos of trees did not have any trees whose leaves were showing much color.

The crackle finish did not work out on the Treasure Chest. Maybe I applied it wrong. Maybe I didn't apply enough basecoat. Maybe it isn't designed to work over the stain that I used on the wood. In any event, I know that there's no project that, with sufficient effort, you can't turn to crap. If I try again with the crackle finish I may wind up with horrible results - may as well save it for a Christmas project I've got planned. I think maybe I'll give the Treasure Chest a coat of satin-finish varnish, apply a foam base and foam liner, and call it good.
Note the sloppiness in the black bands. Not much I can do about it now. It actually looks much worse in this photo.

Another bit of sloppiness worked out for me. I got some of the wood stain onto the closing hasp, and now it has an antiqued appearance.
Note the black spatter on the wood. That was intentional. I should have used a toothbrush and my thumb, but I got lazy and used a short-bristled brush and my forefinger. Still, it looks good, and will look better under varnish.

The Box of Souls worries me. I could easily mess it up at the marbleizing stage. I suppose I can always cover up any disasters with black paint and a layer of gloss varnish and it will look fine. We'll find out soon.

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