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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Treasure Chest and Pirate's Booty

The Treasure Chest is now complete.
The treasure contained within consists of various sorts of colored glass things from the arts & crafts stores, fake plastic coins, a fake string of pearls, fake faceted gemstones, a fake telescope from a Long John Silver's kid's meal, and some gold foil covered chocolate coins.
Yes, I realize that the gold coins have modern markings. I don't plan on worrying about that too much. Interesting fact: as long as this picture was called TreasureChest_Booty.jpg, Blogger would always fail at the last stage of the picture posting. Once I changed it to TreasureChest_Treasure.jpg, it went right through.

I completed my nephew's pirate costume today with a strip of black fabric that when wound around my nephew's shoulder, wrapped around his waist, and secured with a pin, will serve as a sash and sword belt. This will go over a white sweatshirt and random pants and shoes, all topped by a foam pirate hat, plastic eye patch and shiny chrome cutlass. (I have an emergency backup cutlass, a less shiny but less fragile one just in case the main one breaks before the holiday.)

1 comment:

betz said...

he will be one fearsome pirate, for sure. and he will travel with death. what more could a pirate ask for?