Tuesday, October 25, 2005

First snow of the 2005/2006 season

It snowed today in Northeast PA - almost nothing in some places, enough to be a problem in others. At least one car in the parking lot had great clumps of wet slushy stuff on it this morning. I left work at about 6:30, well after the sun had set, and as I went through one mountain cut I saw snow accumulated along the rocks on the sides of the highway. A few minutes later I got to drive , briefly, through falling snow, although it soon turned to rain that stayed with me for most of the rest of the trip.

For the record, the first snow that I noticed last year was on November 8th. So this is two weeks earlier than that. Our last major snowstorm of the 2004/2005 season was on March 23rd, just a little over seven months ago. Here is an account of that storm (from a time long, long ago when I was still taking daily walks with Haley, and when a price of $2.089/gallon for gas was considered "high") , and here are the pictures. Oh, the things we have to look forward to.


puppetdude said...

I have to wait until the end of after Christmas to see snow, and then its only for a couple of days if we're lucky!
When there nis enough snow to sledge on i'm normally at work and when i finish my shift it's all metled away.

Lauren said...

Snow already!????

D.B. Echo said...

A-yup. Up to ELEVEN inches in some locations. This after the hottest Summer in memory.