Sunday, October 30, 2005

More from Market Street Bridge and Kirby Park

As I was reorienting myself after getting semi-lost at Kirby Park yesterday I walked along a path on a ridge that overlooked much of the park. I was able to get this photo of the pond and (I believe) the Maple tree that I photographed on the way back to my car.

Eventually I did find my way to Market Street and the Market Street Bridge. Here are the Eagles on the north side of the bridge, facing Kingston.

As I got on the bridge I noticed this obelisk. It's the sort of thing that you tend to ignore when you are driving along at 25 or 35 mph, trying to avoid collisions with pedestrians and other cars. In the distance, obscured by the Eagle on the right, is the once-proud Hotel Sterling - currently slated for demolition, I believe.

A closeup of one of the four Eagle-topped archways that flank the bridge.

The red-leaved Maple seen in previous photographs, this time from within.

Another tree with only some of its leaves changing color.

As I crossed the final stretch back to my car the wind whipped up and I was caught in a flurry of wind-blown leaves. I took several pictures, but upon review realized that windborne leaves seen against a background of trees look like leaves on trees, and windborne leaves seen against a background of grass and fallen leaves look like leaves on the ground. Windborne leaves against a background of sky, on the other hand, just look like dirt on the lens.


Gort said...

Super pics. One correction, the Hotel Sterling is not going to be demolished. There is a plan to renovate it as part of the riverfront project.

D.B. Echo said...

Excellent! After reading about what a mess it was when they cleared it out a while back, I was afraid it was beyond salvaging.

Anonymous said...

harold, i had meant to come here and comment that i read they were going to renovate the Sterling...but Gort already told you! :) Awesome pics, I do agree.
P.S. I think the pirate looked better when he had on the costume you made him...which did he like better?
They both looked happy however, and that is what counts. :)