Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Tomorrow is my last consecutive day of work. I'm allowing myself Friday off - it's one of my regularly scheduled days off - but I will go in for another five hours of overtime on Saturday. Still, the day off will break the streak at seventeen consecutive days of being at work, at least part of the time.

Coincidentally, my friend will have been in the hospital for all or part of those seventeen days. She was located and hospitalized on the day this streak started. She's getting released tomorrow.

I hope she's ready to come out. I thought she was ready last time, but now it's clear she wasn't. She made a series of bad decisions that contributed to putting her back in the hospital after just three weeks. Now I worry that she's being released into the care - or at least company - of someone who actively participated in some of those bad decisions, someone who has lately been trying to separate her from her longtime friends, threatening them if they try to get in touch with her.

I may get to see her on Monday afternoon. That's another regularly scheduled day off. It's also the last day I could earn the big bonus money, though I would have to put in more than four hours of overtime to do that. From a practical point of view, that would mean working from 9:30 to 2:00. I don't see myself doing that. I hope I get to see her. It would be the first time since I picked her up after her release from the hospital on June 18.

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